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Why Choose Devon Belles?

There's so many companies out there hiring out tents, you might be wondering why we think you should choose us! Read on to find out why we think we're the top choice!

With festival style, less formal weddings becoming ever more popular, the world of bell tent hire is awash with companies keen to supply your tents! Google bell tent hire and you'll be bombarded with photos of beautifully presented tents, cool lingo, and stylish websites, knowing who to go to can seem a bit daunting.

Obviously, at Devon Belles we think we're the best and you should definitely choose us! Here's why!

Money! Money! Money!

Urgh... It may well be the root of all evil.

It's the most boring and restricting issue relating to party planning that no one really likes talking about it, and unless you are extremely fortunate, it's going to be one of the biggest things on your mind whilst trying to organise and budget for your big event, and whether that's a wedding or a party, we're fairly confident that money is going to be a concern of some importance!

When you first start looking for suppliers, nothing is more frustrating than endlessly scrolling through websites, desperately searching for a clue to their pricing! You give up, send an email, and wait for a reply.

A reply that may or may not come...

Not at Devon Belles!!

Take a look at our website, choose what level of hire you want, and the price (including VAT) is clearly given.

We do not charge extra if you're getting married, hosting a corporate event, or just wanting one tent. The price is the same for all our customers, regardless!

The ONLY additional charge we have is a travelling expense on small bookings that are more than 20 miles from our base in East Devon. And unlike others, if you would like to send us an email enquiry with the postcode, we will get back to you the same day with an exact quote!

And to the prices!

We are extremely competitively priced and are very confident that you will struggle to find another company offering the same quality of tents, service and furnishings as we are, for less money! If you find them, let us know!

We only ask for a deposit of £40 per tent to secure a booking, plenty of other companies will ask for a lot more up front.

Hidden Extras?

Other than the possibility of a travelling fee which is clearly stated on our website, there are no extra charges on top of our hire price. At Devon Belles we don't have any sneaky extra charges; there's no vehicle hire charge, no extra labour fees, no additional cost for setting up and dismantling the tents. The prices quoted on our website already include VAT, so there are no nasty little surprises waiting for you on the bill!


Every year we are contacted by upset clients, desperate to source bell tents having booked them with another supplier, only to be dropped at the last minute when a more lucrative event has come in. Not only does it have the potential to completely ruin somebody's party, it causes unbelievable stress and worry to them.

For us, when we accept your deposit we are making a promise to be there, and we have never let a client down! It doesn't matter if you have booked one tent or a hundred, your booking will be a priority!

Flexible Bookings!

Our tents can be booked with a deposit of just £40 per tent, with the balance being due one month before the date of your party.

We offer clients the opportunity to invite their guests to book and pay for their tents directly with us, which can save the host a lot of time and hassle!

Clients and guests are welcome to pay balances in instalments if it makes life a bit easier!

You're only as good as your staff...

And without doubt, we have a wonderful crew!

Our uniformed staff will work quietly, efficiently and quickly to make your bell tent village as beautiful as possible, whilst at all times showing the utmost consideration for venues and grounds. We are very lucky to have the same people working for us every season, and we trust and value them very highly!

When you look at photos of the Devon Belles tents you will see the canvas is smooth and every tent is pitched to perfection, the space between each is measured and the overall effect is symmetrical and aesthetically very pleasing. It's very true that you don't notice things until they're wrong, and this is also the case with bell tents! Compare our photos with those of others and you'll see for yourself why we think we're the best!

Attention to detail

Everything matters!! It matters that the bunting is put on carefully with no twists, everyone has one fat pillow and one thinner pillow so whatever their preference they will be comfortable! It matters that the bed linen is put on in-situ and not before, so it's still beautifully pressed and not creased, and that the label on the duvet is down by the feet, and not up near the face!

We could go on and on...but you get the idea!!

Although we are running quite a large fleet of tents and fulfilling bookings for some substantial events, we have never forgotten what made us special in the first place. We want every single guest to have the best experience possible, and as we said before, no one notices these things until they're not right. You won't know if the bell tent company you engage have considered all the tiny details but with us, you don't need to ask!

It's the little things that make a difference between average and excellent, and we always aim for excellence!

The Personal Touch

We love our bell tents, and we want you to love them too! From the moment you first get in touch, we are totally invested in making your experience a stress-free, simple and beautiful one. We are endlessly available to help you plan, answer questions, source extra suppliers and help make your dream a reality!

We know some of your planning will take place after work so we're open from 8am to 10pm every day and we don't stop for weekends, so when you're in the planning zone, we're there to help! When our tents are on site for your event, you can call us 24 hours a day.


We've been playing with tents forever, and then we did it seriously! We've encountered every sort of venue from the most exclusive, high-end locations for the rich and famous, to the most secluded, relaxed venues for ordinary folk like us! We're here to advise, help plan, overcome problem locations, calm nerves, and can drag, lift, carry and haul these tents to wherever you want them! We've got an extensive list of helpful contacts and trusted suppliers to help you find extra things, and we know what works and what doesn't!

Hopefully, by now you will have gathered how proud we are of Devon Belles and what we do!

If you would like to chat about the possibility of having bell tents for your event, please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you!


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