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Festival Theme

     Our festival themed sleepovers can be set up in a tent or in our indoor teepees!

     All of our themes come with airbeds, made up with mattress protectors, white fitted sheets, duvets & 2 pillows per bed!

In addition, each festival theme sleepover set up comes with:

~ Metal boho style tealight lantern

~ Lightbox & letters

~ Mandala print duvet cover & pillow (Ruby or Sapphire) as you prefer

~ Fleece blanket & saree or mandala cushion

~ Fairy lights

Gold metal tealight lantern

~ Ivy or flower garlands (your preference)

~ Lavender pot

~ Glass mason drinking jar with straw (optional)

~ Boho festival style bunting

Sleepover party hire

     Optional Extras!

     Extras little bits to buy as keepsakes or party favours!

Flower crowns
Metal Tasselled Candle Tins
Mandala Tin Candles

Flower Crowns

£2 each

Mandala Candle Tin

(assorted scents & colours)

£5.99 each

Metal tasselled candle tin

£6.99 each

Fox with Balloons

Please note!  Candles & incense sticks must not be used in or near our tents & teepees.  These are not suitable for children.

Please get in touch for more details!

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