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Are Bell Tents Right For My Wedding?

If you like the idea of bell tents for your wedding but not sure whether it's the way to go, read on to get some useful tips and advice straight from the experts!

Bell Tent Hire for Weddings!

There's so much to think about when planning your wedding, most of it's very exciting, but some of it can be a bit tedious and worrisome. Trying to find accommodation for guests can be a major headache, they all want something different; they'll all want to leave at different times, have different preferences and requirements, and different budgets.

Then once you've sorted the accommodation, there's the taxi problem...

Arranging for a bell tent village can help solve a lot of these worries and the most important evening of your life doesn't get cut short by people being forced to leave at whatever time the local taxi company can fit them in!

Having a bell tent village for your guests keeps your favourite people together for the duration of the party to help celebrate this most special of days!

When guests stay on site, you won't be bombarded by "goodbyes" which can be a real pain when you're trying to let your hair down and enjoy the party yourself, after all the build up to this will have been immense, and it's important you get chance to enjoy all of your hard work and planning too! Constantly feeling like you must stop and chat and thank every guest that's leaving can be a drag.... Of course, you'll still have those who will need to leave for whatever reason, but it won't be the whole lot!!

And you get to take your time the next day, speak to everyone you need to, chill out with your friends and family, and make the magic last a little bit longer..

How much space do you need?

Our bell tents can work in a variety of situations, sometimes topping up on existing accommodation offered by venues, but we go everywhere, from private lawns and gardens, to farmer's fields and the occasional orchard! We just need some space, on mown grass which is as flat as possible! Each tent is 5m in diameter (capable of sleeping up to 6 people) but there's also guy ropes all the way around so these need to be taken into consideration as well.

We can cross over the guy ropes at the sides and back to conserve space if it's an issue, but your guests need to be able to get into their tents without feeling as though they're taking part in a Commando exercise, especially after they've had a drink or two!

If you are at all unsure about how many tents you can fit in to a particular space, then we are always happy to do a no-obligation site visit to measure up and plan how they will work best in the space you have, before you commit!

On a Budget or Splashing the Cash?

Don't worry! We can handle this whatever way is going to work for you!

There's no wedding etiquette that says you need to be paying for accommodation for guests! Only a very few people do this, the vast majority of our clients reserve the number of tents they think might be needed with a deposit of £40 per tent and then invite guests to book and pay for their tents directly with us.

The guests can then either place a deposit, with the balance being due a month before your wedding, or they can pay in full on booking. As soon as the number of tents equalling or surpassing your deposit is booked, your deposit is returned - freeing up that cash for something else!

The tents don't all have to be the same level of furnishing inside, so every guest should be able to afford a tent if they want one, and the tents all look the same from the outside regardless of what they have ordered for the inside.

There's no minimum number you have to reserve, and you can add to the number you have reserved for as long as we have them available! We always advise you start off with the least you think you'll need and top up as we go along if necessary.

Bell tents for every occasion!

Whatever your style, theme or venue, bell tents can make the perfect addition! They have altered very little for over 100 years (apart from the odd modernising improvement in durability or strength) so will fit in with whatever you have planned! The timeless quality of bell tents makes them suitable for every sort of wedding from the most formal to the most relaxed, and everything in between! We even plan the bed linen to match the occasion.

Will your guests want to stay in tents?

You've gone to the trouble to arrange a beautiful bell tent village, one where they can choose from a variety of furnishings, beds and extras to suit every age group, need and budget. They're saved the hassle of trying to find accommodation, taxis, lifts or potentially the journey home at night. They get to stay in a fabulous bell tent and to party the night away, with you - one of their favourite humans!!

Why wouldn't they love it?!

But we may be a little biased! Always a good idea to have a chat with a few of your guests to see if it's something they like the idea of before you go ahead. Generally we find once a few friends get on board with the idea, the rest will quickly follow!

The bell tents appeal to everyone, even older people will be reminded of their days as a boy scout or a girl guide, and when the tents are all up and your guests are arriving, you can be sure they will look gorgeous and everyone will be delighted!

Having accommodation on site can sometimes be helpful for close friends and family you will be wanting around you the night and/or morning before the wedding. It's also fab if you've got guests travelling some distance. Our hire is for 2 nights, and can be extended, so you can arrange it to be the most useful for you.

In summary...

A bell tent village is right for your wedding if:

- You want to find an easy solution to accommodating guests

- Your venue has a flat, grassy space where they can be pitched

- You like the idea of having your favourite people close by and keeping the magic flowing as long as possible!

It's really that simple!

If you would like to chat about having a bell tent village or discuss the details further, please don't hesitate to get in touch or take a look at our website for more info and inspiration!

" far the easiest and best company I have used during my wedding planning experience." 

Kristi Longbridge 2018


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